Swedish is descended from Old Norse. Compared to its progenitor, Swedish grammar is much Nouns make no distinction between subject and object forms​, and the In some dialects of Swedish, the adjective is uninflected in complement 


An object complement is a noun, pronoun, or adjective that follows a specific object to rename or to say what it is and what it has become. Simply put, it can be a word or a phrase that gives more meaning to a specific object.

Since these modify, name, or rename direct objects, you'll only find them in sentences that have direct objects. (That also means the sentence will have a transitive active verb.) We named our daughter Alice.. They elected my uncle mayor. Define object complement. object complement synonyms, object complement pronunciation, object complement translation, English dictionary definition of object complement. Sometimes a verb is not complete with only a direct object, especially when that direct object is a person. In grammar, an object complement is a word, phrase, or clause that directly follows and describes or completes the direct object.

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2019-11-19 Object complements are adjectives that are still not a part of the noun phrase, even though they share the predicate with the object they describe. In the sentence, “I found the room chilly, but everyone else was comfortable,” chilly is describing the object of the sentence, room , but because it appears after the noun instead of before it, chilly is considered an object complement. Q. Identify the object complement in the sentence: We consider fish spoiled once it smells like what it is. answer choices . it.

OBJECT COMPLEMENTS Direct Object: A direct object is the receiver of action within a sentence, as in "He hit the ball.“ Indirect object: The indirect object identifies to or for whom or what the action of the verb is performed. Grandfather left Rosalita and Raoul all his money. 3. OBJECT COMPLEMENTS An object complement follows and modifies

1 apr. 2021 — exceptional high performance programmer to complement the team Object Detection, Sound and Activity Classification to mention a few.

Subject Verb Object Complement (SVOC) Sentences. $4.99 including GST. This 20-page no preparation pack is designed to provide people with structured 

I permitted him to use my car./I forbade him to enter my building./I ordered him not to play the terrible song. Why does the grammar see these to-infinitives as object complements when the verbs can Object complements An object complement tells us more about the object by means of the verb.

26 aug. 2009 — “Dem” is the object pronoun of “de”.
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Object complement

26 aug. 2009 — “Dem” is the object pronoun of “de”. “What's that?”, I hear you ask. That's when a personal pronoun acts as an object in a sentence.

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substantiv. doplněk [m]et theory: relative complement. doplněk [m]word or group of words completing the predicate, identified with the subject or object. verb.

reflexive indirect object of a verb. me → mig​. indirect object of a verb. me → mig.

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Predicative, subject and object complements. In many non-theoretical grammars, the terms subject complement and object complement are employed to denote the predicative expressions (such as predicative adjectives and nominals) that serve to assign a property to a subject or an object: Ryan is upset.

• Thompson, Sandra. 2002. '“Object complements” and conversation. Towards a realistic account'. 21 dec. 2011 — The study suggests that the main clause + complement has of grammaticalization vary to some extent depending on the object of the study.